Monday, March 26, 2012

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“I cannot leave nor forsake him…不能离开他…”

Mr Isa (not his real name), 64 was bedridden after suffering a stroke last August 2011. He has brain damage and unable to speak as a result of the stroke. His Medisave and savings were all used up during this recent hospitalization. Unable to work and without savings, they are facing financial hardship.

Mr Isa is cared for by his wife Mdm Nur. As he is unable to take care of his own activities of daily living, Mdm Nur has to wash and clean him. “I can’t leave him alone and go to work. Who’s going to take care of him?”
Both of them are staying in a rental flat in Tampines. Staff from Evergreen Circle visited them recently during a rations distribution exercise for needy residents. When we found out about their plight, we immediately arranged for financial assistance to be extended from our Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS). The staff also referred them for homehelp assistance.
With support from the community, Mdm Nur is less stressed now and is able to continue to care for her husband.
Mr Isa,六十四, 在去年的八月中风之后就半身不随. 不能工作再加上庞大的医药费让他们陷入经济危机. 他的太太因为需要照顾他也不能出外工作. 幸好长老会社区及时伸出援手帮他们解决了眼前的困难.

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